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So you’re so concerned with the plight of modern man, but not so concerned to make a buck off suffering? Host vs. Subject. Celebrity vs. Drudgery. “In the field one needs to get their hands dirty.” A perverse glee in separating us from them. We the blooming flowers, they only the stems. Petty compassion for us to pretend. We the drooping flowers they the lowly stems. Your glib portrayal still won’t leave me as convinced as you’d wish me to be and yet that sympathy can open all the legs of the housewives you’ve so enthralled. So show, show, show, show me how their lives just make you ache then discuss this over posh drinks. We’ll talk in crooked mouths. We’ll pay, show us a little more. Factories all shutting down. Film it, show us a little more. Pious well-hidden taunts, we’ll beg. Show us a little more. Incite a guilt response. Close up, show us a little more. Ivory towers of serious teeth. Deep-throated vines of ivy-league leaves. Wrap that degree around sewage caps to hide the waste that flows underneath. We’re misery merchants but all on the sly. Fret over the lower class strife to all the audience’s delight. Idolize the lower class life bathed in the shade of rose-colored light. Glorify the lower class life. We’re starving to see how they all survive. Fret over the lower class strife. Phony benevolence is how you profit and pander and persuade and thrive. Oh yeah, come on. We’ll grant safe passage through those seas we fear to sail. Oh yeah? Come on. We’re ambassadors to these scenes of no avail. Oh yeah? Come on. We’ll send maudlin tales from these seas you fear to sail.


from Brahe, released August 24, 2011



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Pandas Baltimore

It’s like punk, but with more musicianship. Maybe it’s actually prog, but prog that never went to Berkeley. Then again,maybe it’s metal, but without all the spiky leather. Or perhaps it’s hardcore, but more Greg Ginn and less Jamey Jasta.

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