Half a Wonder

by Pandas

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We recorded these for a comp and the comp never happened. We figured this would be a fun extra for the folks who donated to our Kickstarter fund for the "Brahe" album. You guys like songs we don't play anymore, right? Thanks, hug buddies!


released August 24, 2011



all rights reserved


Pandas Baltimore

It’s like punk, but with more musicianship. Maybe it’s actually prog, but prog that never went to Berkeley. Then again,maybe it’s metal, but without all the spiky leather. Or perhaps it’s hardcore, but more Greg Ginn and less Jamey Jasta.

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Track Name: Half a Sandwich
Are you So impressed with his loads of cash
-or so impressed with social class?
-Coastal Villas? Fashion sense?
-Dollar signs clench round your neck.
-Why are you so afraid of being
-left out of the decadence scene?
-When you should be more afraid of being
-a leach sucking off mandrake weed.
-At first glance I'd assume this
-he's another stray you yearn to fix.
-This gaumless, wretched, trust-fund tick
-is just another stray you yearn to fix.
-Just another stray you yearn to fix.

-Don't tell me it's just this way
-and I've got nothing left to say.
-Don't tell me it's just this way.
-Cash does not keep the wolves at bay.
-It only intoxicates.

-Without a doubt
-I'll buy her out.
-With that guilt complex,
-she'll come around.
-Name your amount.
-Price your self-respect.
-It's hard to accept
-your thighs, bought out.

-Oh come, come on your lineage. It's just your rust showing.
-Oh come, come on there's always cracks in that kind of porcelain.
-Oh come, come on there's no warmth in empty silver-spooning.
-Oh come, come on your pedigree. It's just your rust showing through.

-He's buying shares in what you've sold.
-He's relishing in what you've sold.
-You've seemed to ebb ; you're drying out from what you've sold.
-So have a drink. Here's to you: for all you've sold
-as you corrode.
Track Name: Wonderstorm
-Could you ever love what's left?
-Could I have just felt a draft?

-Those outlines
-cut dusk skies.
-Those outlines
-block sunrise.
-How staggering
-the trash multiplies.
-Stretch and tan
-the cockroach hides.
-When Nothing's
-comfortable at times.
-A clean slate's
-so hard to deny
-In wilderness,
-we'll be fine
-In wilderness,
-we're just fine.

-You're not the rain that makes flowers grow.
-You're not the rain that soaks aquifers.
-You're not the storm that floods desert floors.
-You're not the storm that fills watering holes.
-You're the rain that flashes, burns, and explodes

-Oh how the waves of magenta corrode.
-Oh how the skyscrapers uproot and dissolve.
-What we were is gone
-What was there is now all reduced back to basic carbon.
-Oh how Horizons shimmer and bake.
-Oh how the heat melts my aftertaste.
-An ode to all the ghosts
-that now disintegrate.

-You seem so upset from this
-Is this what you'd call amiss.
-Sure, there's things I might miss
-She'll burn what I can't dismiss.

-Run Run. The Satellites are crumbling.
-Run Run. The ashes keep on piling.
-Run Run. Your constructs, so underwhelming,
-in this firestorm's wake.

-Just a small bit
-of a reassessment;
-of a reset.
-An Edit.
-A respite
-is left.

-Gone Gone the meetings you have set.
-Gone Gone your college Alma matter and mortgage payments.
-Gone Gone all those wine parties.
-Gone Gone the big screen T.V.s and ideologies.
-Gone Gone those one-night stands
-Gone Gone the tarnish collected around your wedding bands.

-The past is cauterized.
-The city's buried now.
-Just you and I
-and the fertile ground.