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So he fell in love with the fortuneteller, such a sultry soothsayer. Fell in love with the fortuneteller. Spoiled tomorrows are here. As the day breaks my dawn breath escapes. All these loose strings tied in bows and snipped. Nothing left to chance; nothing to rebel against. Cash is pre-spent before I spend a cent. That clock still feeds on time insatiably and it tics and it tics. Tictictictictictictictictictictic. Its rings, its chimes, it’s no surprise. It rings it chimes, it’s no surprise. It’s no surprise. There’s no surprise. It’s no surprise. There’s no surprise to me.


from Brahe, released August 24, 2011



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Pandas Baltimore

It’s like punk, but with more musicianship. Maybe it’s actually prog, but prog that never went to Berkeley. Then again,maybe it’s metal, but without all the spiky leather. Or perhaps it’s hardcore, but more Greg Ginn and less Jamey Jasta.

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